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The recent election has revealed the deep divisions in American society, and repeatedly liberal news commentators and pundits have pointed this out. They have talked about the women’s vote leading to more women getting elected to office, Latino voters being influenced by the immigration conflict, older voters being especially concerned about health care, rural voters being Trump’s primary supporters, and so on.

And the statistics show how different racial, ethnic, and age groups commit different kinds of crimes and experience different results at all phases of the criminal justice system — from rates for arrest to conviction to sentencing to getting released on probation or parole. In general, poor and minority group members fare much more poorly, though much could be done to reduce the extra costs in how the system processes these individuals. Also, much could be done to help produce more productive citizens less likely to return to crime. But conservatives and liberals are wide apart on how to resolve these problems.

What can be done about it? In his latest book, Crime in America, criminal justice expert Paul Brakke examines these divisions in society and their effects on crime. In his book, he provides an overview of what’s wrong and suggests some solutions for healing these divisions. The book is written from a conservative perspective in describing some fixes to make the system more efficient and cost effective, as well as reduce crime, recidivism, and the divisions in society. Brakke additionally provides a number of community based recommendations to help individuals become more productive citizens, preserve family unity, and create stronger communities, despite divisions between groups based on race, ethnicity, income, culture, and other factors. This way, by living in closer more cohesive communities and having more job opportunities, individuals have less incentive to return to crime and end up back in prison.

Now that Crime in America is available for pre-order, Brakke is offering books for free to anyone who wants to review and comment on the book. He is also providing copies to government officials who might turn some of these suggestions for healing divisions and fixing the criminal justice system into legislation. Members of the media are additionally invited to request copies of the book.

To help draw attention to these suggested fixes in the book, Brakke has launched a daily video and social media campaign. The first 10 videos are featured on his American Leadership Books’ YouTube channel. Among the most recent videos are “Paradoxes in Politics” and “Why Is There So Much Crime? Why So Little Justice?”


Brakke brings to this discussion of crime and the divisions in American society an extensive background in researching the subject as the publisher of American Leadership Books and the author of seven books.

Six of them deal with what to do about crime in America and one deals with understanding and healing the great national divides in America. Other past books include: The Great National Divides, The Price of Justice in America, and Fixing the U.S. Criminal Justice System. Since these first books were designed especially for law enforcement professionals, government officials, and academics, Brakke is now adapting these books for a general audience and will be bringing out his next books — Fractured America and Prisons in America — in the next few months.

Copies of Crime in America for review are available to the general public at no charge at



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