Why is there so much uncertainty about how to reduce crime and fix what’s wrong with the criminal justice system?  How can we make these fixes and lower the high costs of incarceration?

UNCERTAIN JUSTICE discusses recent problems and suggests some fixes. To this end, it presents a commentary based on a recent series of press releases on current issues and is divided into these sections: – Improving citizen-police relationships- Promoting prison reform and better prison sentencing- Healing the divisions in American society- Dealing with illegal immigration- Coping with the opioid crisis- Portraying the criminal justice crisis in popular culture- Using a social media and video campaign to help fix the criminal justice system.

The chapters in each section highlight what’s wrong in response to recent developments in legislation, in the news, and in research reports. Then, each chapter concludes with some suggestions for reforming the system. Today, these fixes are needed more than ever, given the spiraling costs of crime and imprisoning too many prisoners for much longer than necessary.


Why are there so many divisions America? What can we do to fix these divisions that are tearing the U.S. apart?

FRACTURED AMERICA discusses these many divisions and how to fix them. It begins by looking at the first racial divides going back to Civil War times, then fast forwards to discuss present conflicts, such as the controversy over the killings of blacks by cops and the Black Lives Matter movement. It describes the difficulty of ending segregation and ending or delaying affirmative action.

Additionally, the book points out other divides based on:

– geography and politics, including the nationality and language divides caused by undocumented immigrants,
– the North-South divide,
– the division between the Coasts and Middle America,
– rural and urban American differences,
– conflicts between different ethnic groups,
– lifestyles of younger and older generations.
– the income inequality between the rich and poor, which is getting wider.

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The Wall

The Wall is inspired by a chapter on the divisions in American Society in Crime in America, published by,American Leadership Books, which specializes in books on the U.S. criminal justice system, the U.S. prison system, U.S. corrections system, and the U.S. courts, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.

Are Other Countries a Model for Imposing the Death Penalty on U.S. Drug Dealers?

describes the practice of imposing the death penalty in other countries. It features the effectiveness of this penalty in China and Singapore. It is based on the book Dealing with Illegal Immigrants and the Opioid Crisis, published by American Leadership books specializes in books on the U.S. criminal justice system, the U.S. prison system, U.S. corrections system, and the U.S. courts, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.

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THE COSTLY U.S. PRISON SYSTEM: TOO COSTLY IN TERMS OF DOLLARS, NATIONAL PRESTIGE AND LIVES  provides a careful, close-up look from a conservative perspective of what’s wrong with the prison system and how to fix it. The key topics covered include these:

  • a recent history of incarceration in the U.S.
  • facts about our prisons and correctional system
  • the high rate of recidivism after prisoners are released
  •  how other countries deal with prisons and recidivism
  • how one U.S. state and one U.S. city have dealt with prisons and recidivism
  • ways to reduce recidivism and incarceration and cut costs

The book is available in two versions:

  • with full color photos and graphs
  • with black and white photos and graphs

FIXING THE U.S. CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM provides an in-depth look from a conservative perspective at the many flaws in the system and how to fix them.

The chapters in the book cover these topics:

why our criminal justice system is a national shame
how families suffer severe collateral damage
alleged misconduct by the police
how powerful prosecutors misbehave
when judges show bias and exceed their judicial power
how the media makes matters worse with sensationalized coverage
nine prescriptions to fix our broken criminal justice system

COPS AREN’T SUCH BAD GUYS features a series of chapters about cops and fatal shootings. As discussed, most of these killings are justified, due to the use of force guidelines which cops follow in the face of a deadly threat, despite the widespread anger and protests against the cops.

But this reaction is fueled by misinformation and sensational media coverage, while the cops involved in these shootings have their lives upended by extensive hearings and huge financial expenses.

This book describes the truth behind the headline stories that demonize cops.

THE PRICE OF JUSTICE IN AMERICA  looks at a series of problems in the criminal justice system and how they might be fixed.

The topics discussed include rising racial tensions, especially between the police and black community, problems in the prison and correctional system, differences in the homicide rate in different groups, the relationship between homicide rate and drugs, and the media’s role in sensationalizing crime and contributing to problems in the criminal justice system.


CRIME IN AMERICA features selections from a series of six books by Paul Brakke, who writes on what’s wrong with the criminal justice system and how to fix it.

These books deal with the police, courts, and prisons, and consider of some of the crises now facing American society due to illegal immigration, the opioid crisis, and the growing divide between racial, ethnic, rural-urban, and income groups. This book summarizes the critical insights of these other books in order to reach the widest possible audience, because one of Brakke’s reasons for writing this book is to inspire real change.

The book is organized into five sections. Part I deals with crime, who commits it, and the police as our first line of defense. Part II deals with punishment and its consequences, including the swamped criminal justice system, the positive and negative results of incarceration, and the collateral damage to the families of those incarcerated.

Suggested remedies are scattered throughout these first two sections. Then, Part III concentrates on specific solutions, emphasizing reducing the return of ex-cons to prison and the length of prison sentences. Part IV concentrates on our drug plague, and Part V deals with divisions in the nation, some raised in previous sections, that must be healed to make America great again.

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

THE GREAT NATIONAL DIVIDES  discusses the many divisions in the United States and how to fix them to reunite this great country.

These divisions include divides based on race, ethnicity, politics, geography, and the great schisms between North and South, rural and urban American, and income inequality between the rich and poor which is getting wider.

The book concludes with some ways to reform the system, a fix that is especially critical today.

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American Leadership Books Publishing
American Leadership Books Publishing
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American Leadership Books Publishing
American Leadership Books Publishing
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The price of justice in America
The price of justice in America - The Great National Divides video
The price of justice in America - cops aren't such bad guys video
The price of justice in America - The costly us prison system
The price of justice in America - The Great National Divides video

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