If you, like the rest of America, watched “The Tinder Swindler”, then you have probably come to the same terrifying reaction: is this how easy it is to be scammed?

Gini Graham Scott, America’s scam expert, was watching too, but she wasn’t surprised because she knows all about common scams just like Simon Leviev’s.

The scammers created an elaborate fraud, in which authors with dreams of turning their books into films were duped into believing a company could pitch their projects to executives at top film companies.

As a result, the victims would pay more and more to write the material needed to make a pitch, such as a script, logline/synopsis, and show bible. But the scam was that the company used imposter executives at real companies, so their pitches went nowhere, though they might have real potential if presented to real executives.

The book describes the investigation that revealed the scam and introduces ten of the victims and their projects and discusses the many scams targeting writers and self-publishers.

Fraud Prevention Strategies: Stay Secure In 2022 With This New Book

In a world increasingly full of scams and fraud, Arkansas based writer and sociologist Gini Graham Scott, PhD, wants you to protect yourself and your money. Go to http://www.thebigconbook.com to find out more.


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