Scams often leave victims devastated emotionally and financially, but an award-winning filmmaker and book author Gini Graham Scott turned her experience of being scammed not once but three times into films and books about scams that help others know about and protect themselves from being scammed or help them heal.

In her first scam experience, one of her ghostwriting clients was a publisher with clients who wanted to turn their films into books. So she wrote the kind of materials an author would need to interest a producer – a logline/synopsis, show bible for a series, script, and sometimes a treatment or sizzle reel. She thought it was totally legit. But th e catch was that the publisher used the lure of a “deal” from an executive producer at a major studio to get the author to pay more and more for the materials Gini was writing. Then, the publisher marked these materials up five or six times and convinced the client to pay for a marketing campaign that went nowhere since this was a phony producer for a made-up deal.

Some victims lost $20,000-$35,000.

Then, Gini discovered what was going on after a client had trouble paying the company, since the payment processors suspected it of fraudulent activity, so the client was asked to pay Gini who could then pay most of the money to the company.  But once she talked to the client, she realized the scam and recognized that she was a victim too, because the company was using her reputation to lure in the clients. As a result, she not only stopped working for the scam company, but reported them to the authorities, and after she discovered a dozen more client victims, she ended up writing a book about the scam and the victim’s stories.

Then, this book turned into The Big Con published by Waterside Productions, and a year later, that book was turned into the documentary Conned: A True Story, featuring interviews with seven of the victims of the book-to-film scam. The film was recently released by Gravitas Ventures and is available on Amazon at   It provides an empathetic and in-depth exploration of the psychological and financial toll these deceptions can take.

That experience led Gini to investigate other scams and how to avoid them, which became the book I Was Scammed, also published by Waterside Productions, and turned into the documentary: Con Artists Unveiled, which features interviews with con artists about how they do it and with victims about their experiences.

The film was also released by Gravitas Ventures and is available on Amazon at It presents a unique perspective in bringing together narratives from both the con artists and their victims.

Ironically, though, despite learning about all kinds of scams and protection strategies, Gini became a victim of what was a new PayPal rep scam, in which a scammer uses the ruse of being a customer rep to help get a refund for a mistaken charge in order to get access to the customer’s bank account information and phone. 

Then, she wrote a book about that scam experience, too, in Scam Story. It describes how the scammer led her on a not so merry chase by pretending to help her get a refund that led to him learn her bank account information after which he insisted that she buy three dozen gift cards at six stores totaling $9000 or lose all her money, though she foiled the plot by going to her bank that closed her accounts.

Then, after a hacker took over her Facebook account and two groups with a replacement email scam she couldn’t stop quickly enough, she wrote a book about that to help others avoid losing their own groups – Stop the Great Big Facebook Hack.  And now that she has discovered there is a market for stolen Facebook groups and other social media accounts, she is planning a book about that.

So you might say that Gini has become something of a maestro in finding a way to turn bad experiences into something good – a philosophy that she has used in guiding her whole life.  In fact, this approach to life has led her to write over 200 books, several dozen scripts that have garnered over 262 awards in international film festivals, 150 songs, 3 dozen children’s books, 3 dozen games, and more.  She has even become an expert speaking to groups about using AI for writing, illustrating, and publishing books, and she has even created an AI service that links individuals who first get counseling from AI with real counselors with plans to launch it in several months.

Here’s a brief summary of her career that led to her two recent films: Conned: A True Story and Con Artists Unveiled – a summary created with a little help from AI.

A Prolific Author and Renowned Publisher, Gini Graham Scott has authored and published over 200 books, demonstrating her versatility and expertise in a wide range of genres. This impressive portfolio includes three dozen children’s books, reflecting her talent in engaging younger audiences with compelling storytelling and educational content.

An Influential Force in Feature Film and Documentary Making. Scott’s achievements in the film industry are equally remarkable, with her involvement in writing and producing 18 feature films and documentaries. Her work in this realm showcases her exceptional storytelling abilities and deep understanding of visual narratives.

A Creative Lyricist with a Substantial Portfolio. In the realm of music, Scott has written the lyrics for over 150 recorded songs, spanning various styles and genres. Her skillful wordplay and emotional depth in lyrics have contributed significantly to the music industry.

Innovator in the Gaming World. Gini’s creativity extends to game design, where she has created three dozen games. Her innovative approach to gaming has led to engaging and thought-provoking experiences for players.

Embracing AI in Literature. Emphasizing her forward-thinking approach, Scott has authored three dozen books utilizing Artificial Intelligence. This innovative method showcases her adaptability and willingness to explore new frontiers in writing.

A Screenwriter with a Flair for Recognition. Her screenwriting talent has been recognized with an astounding 262 awards. Scott’s screenplays have been lauded for their creativity, depth, and engaging storytelling.

An Academic with a Wealth of Knowledge. Gini Graham Scott’s academic achievements are no less impressive, holding a PhD in Sociology, a JD in Law, and five MAs in diverse fields including Anthropology, Communication, Recreation and Leisure, and Organization/Consumer/Audience Behavior.

A Trusted Advisor in Writing and Publishing. Additionally, Scott has written several dozen book proposals, books, and scripts for clients, further establishing her as a guiding force in the writing and publishing industries.

Availability for Interviews and Speaking Engagements. Gini Graham Scott is now available for interviews and speaking engagements. Her vast experience and accomplishments make her an ideal guest for discussions on writing, filmmaking, music, game design, AI in literature, and her academic pursuits.

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