A Scary Saga That Turned into a Race to Prevent a Scammer from Breaking the Bank

Scam Story features my scary experience when a scammer tried to scam me by posing as a PayPal rep.

As the book describes, since I thought he was really working for PayPal and trying to give me a refund for a mistaken charge, I followed his instructions.

The result was the scammer gained access to my bank accounts, before I managed to outwit him by going to my bank rather than getting gift cards and stopping the scam.

Then, another scammer attempted to scam me by claiming he could help me get back my money, though I hadn’t lost anything, and I discovered his ruse.

Besides describing my story, the book provides a guide to help others avoid being scammed and what to do if they are scammed or want to report an attempted scam.


The chapters in the book feature these topics:

  • The scam begins
  • The run for the money
  • The big bank escape
  • Reporting and discovering similar scams
  • Meeting a scammer who tries to scam the scammed
  • Reporting an international scammer
  • What to watch for if someone tries to scam you
  • A final word on scams by AI




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