Crime in America in a Nutshell:

Highlights from Crime in America as Seen on Social Media

“Crime in America in a Nutshell” is a social media campaign designed to introduce “Crime in America: Conservatives’ Approaches toward Criminals, Police, Criminal Justice, and the Opioid Crisis” to the general public.

The campaign consists of 120 posts, with 5 posts shared per week for 24 weeks. Each post is limited to 280 words or less and includes major findings and suggestions from the book.

Readers are provided with a link to access a free review copy of the complete book. Additionally, each post is accompanied by a photo or video that visually reinforces the message conveyed.

The primary objective of this campaign is to familiarize readers with both the “Crime in America” book and its publishers, American Leadership Books, known for their expertise in criminal justice and American society publications.

Through these posts, “Crime in America” delves into the issues plaguing the criminal justice system and proposes solutions for improvement.

The book thoroughly examines the police, courts, and prisons, offering practical suggestions for change. It empowers citizens by providing a comprehensive understanding of the situation, enabling them to take action, such as contacting legislators and the media or organizing local groups.




The price of justice in America - The Great National Divides video
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The price of justice in America