Women with Partners in Prison:

The Relationships of Wives, Girlfriends, and Other Women with Men in Prison

Women with Partners in Prison features a comprehensive look at the relationships of women with men in prison, and it looks at the differences between women who meet & fall in love with prisoners and wives and girlfriends who stick by their men.

It also considers what happens to the relationship after the man is released from prison.


The chapters deal with these topics:

  • Continuing relationships with a partner outside of prison.
  • Dealing with a partner in prison.
  • The power of prayer in strengthening a relationship.
  • How men in prison can maintain a strong bond with their loved ones.
  • Enjoying family and conjugal visits.
  • Enhancing the relationship.
  • Transitioning from a pen pal to a prison partner.
  • Dating a prisoner.
  • Falling in love as a volunteer or correctional officer.
  • Distinguishing between genuine love and other motivations.
  • Understanding the reasons behind women falling in love with and remaining committed to men in prison.
  • Exploring the loyalty of wives and girlfriends who stand by their partners during incarceration.
  • Recognizing how women can be deceived by inmates.
  • Coping strategies for wives and girlfriends with a partner in prison.
  • The role of support groups in assisting prison wives and girlfriends.
  • Navigating relationships after a prisoner’s release.
  • Examining the diverse profiles of women who love men in prison.




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