Today, many business people are affected by the divisiveness in America because they have to tailor their message to different groups. And some are affected by protests because of their products or what they say about them.


That’s why author Paul Brakke has included videos of business people in his campaign for Fractured America, which discusses how the U.S. became so divided and offers suggestions on what we can do to heal those divisions. Just as business people like goals and plans, Fractured America offers a detailed guide on what to do.

As an example of these comments, here’s one that features a meeting where business people are applauding: “It’s time to start applauding your great book Fractured America. It’s all about the many divisions in American society — from politics to battles over inequality — and how to heal our fractured divisive society. It’s just the antidote we need right now.”

Here are comments from another video which shows a businessman working with a graph of data on his computer:

“The data is in, and it shows we have to act now to heal our very divided society before a great collapse occurs. That’s why your book Fractured America is so important, since it offers great insights on how to repair our divisive society. It provides the blueprint we need to make changes now.”

In short, the campaign features a unique approach with individuals from different types of businesses commenting on how Fractured America suggests new ways to overcome the social, economic, and cultural divisions in America. As author Paul Brakke points out, this divisiveness must be addressed quickly, or protests can escalate as in the growing protest movements worldwide, including in Hong Kong, Columbia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, the U.K., and many other countries due to increasing economic and social pressures.

Perhaps the Fractured America campaign with comments from business people may be an unusual way to address this problem, compared to the comments of pundits and news anchors. But Paul Brakke is using this approach to call attention to a serious problem that might otherwise be overlooked, since the short video has become a key way to share messages on the social media today.

The Fractured America book is available in print, e-book, and audiobook formats on Amazon and through Instagram and Audible, and Brakke has been speaking and consulting on the subject. He has additionally been contacting politicians and government officials about his recommended changes to help heal the great divides in America today.

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