It all started nine years ago, when Paul Brakke, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, first wrote about his wife’s nightmare encounter with a criminal justice system two years before. She was threatened with 16 years in jail due to the false claims of some neighborhood kids that she tried to run them down because they didn’t like her.

Campaign to Bring Conservative Reforms to Congress

This incident led to his first book American Justice? which was published in 2016 featuring her story and a look at injustices in the criminal justice system. These included out of control prosecutors, judges behaving badly, and a prison system unfairly skewed against minority group members.

Now eight books later, Brakke has become a criminal justice expert and American social critic from a critical perspective, and he has written extensively on what’s wrong with the criminal justice system and the divisive split in American society. In the past year, he has been taking his message to a growing number of media outlets, as well as the social media. A YouTube channel with over 70 videos features highlights from his book. Additionally, he has been taking his message to hundreds of members of the House and Senate and state governments.

As a result, a growing number of media outlets have been paying attention. On TV, Brakke has been a guest on several talk and news shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates in the South, including CBS in Tupelo, Mississippi; NBC in Monroe, Louisiana; and ABC in Meridian, Mississippi; Lubbock, Texas; and San Angelo, Texas. His growing radio appearances have included The Schilling Show, the Frank Truatt Morning Show, and Libertywatch Radio.
While his initial appearances have been largely on Southern broadcast outlets, now he is building on these appearances to line up even more media outlets in 2019 with his message of fixing the criminal justice system and the divisiveness in American from a conservative perspective.

At the same time, Brakke’s weekly blasts to the media have gained 19,000 engagements in the past six months, which include approximately 2000 newspapers, 2000 magazines, 2000 radio programs, 4000 TV programs and stations, and 3000 radio programs. The major areas of interest at the media have included politics, general assignment news, law, and public affairs. So clearly, his message has been gaining growing support in the traditional media.

In addition, Brakke has engaged in a social media campaign for nearly 40 weeks, with posts five times a week each week on the big four of social media platforms — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

He has also been spreading his message through over seventy 30-60 second videos which highlight a particular problem with the criminal justice system or an issue that has divided America and how to best make changes for the better. These videos feature highlights from his books Crime in America, Fractured America, and his forthcoming “Uncertain Justice”, The latest videos include

“Dealing with Geographical Divides”


“A Way to Stop Illegal Immigration”


“An Idea to Promote immigration”


All 70 videos are available on the American Leadership Books YouTube channel

Among some of Brakke’s suggestions are using the military’s success in creating racially desegregated teams as a model to follow, reducing illegal immigration by providing incentives to stay in Mexico, or creating a pathway to legal, non-voting status for current illegal immigrants. Another series of videos feature the claims and concerns of white Americans and illustrate how they feel disrespected and mistreated by the left and media, since they are losing power and status in America today.

And now Brakke is bringing his campaign for criminal justice and social reform to key government officials in Congress and in state government. To this end, he has been sending officials, including Senators Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell, copies of his recently published book Crime in America, which summarize his research and findings in the key arenas of criminal justice — the police, courts, and prisons. Also, the book examines what to do about the opioid crisis, illegal immigration, and the divisions in America. In his latest book: Fractured America, he considers how to deal with the major divisions in America based on race, ethnicity, gender, social class, and the North-South, Urban-Rural, and Middle-America/Coasts divides.

A forthcoming book, “Uncertain Justice”, provides his perspective on the latest controversies in America, including over prisons, police killings, and the debate about building of a wall on the American Southern border.

In contacting these officials, Brakke has written that he feels obligated to play his part as an American citizen to reach out to those in power to effect change. Or as he put it in his letter to members of Congress and state officials:

“I would feel somewhat remiss in my duties as an American citizen if I didn’t at least try to impart my suggestions to the people with the power to change how things are.”

Though Brakke is just one individual, he has set as his mission a determination to draw attention to the discrimination that exists in the American justice system so it can be improved.

To learn more, you can get a copy of Fractured America which deals with these divisions in more depth. The books are available through Amazon, Kindle, and major bookstores.   Also, free copies are available for government officials who are seeking ways to reduce crime and fix the criminal justice system and for members of the media at

Additionally, copies are available for Crime in America, with a chapter on the divisions in American society, along with suggestions on fixing some of the major problems with the police, courts, prisons, immigration, and the opioid crisis. For a copy of Crime in America, go to 

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