Today, almost everyone is on the social media, and now even animals have become influencers — from famous to not-so famous dogs, cats, birds, cows, and other types of pets. Some have millions of followers.

In this spirit, Fractured America by Paul Brakke has gained praise from nearly a dozen of these famous and not so famous dogs and cats, a lion, and even one bull, who concluded his laudatory comments by observing: “And that’s no bull.”


As an example of these comments, here’s one featured with images of fighting dogs and cats. “Everyone is fighting so much these days. That’s why Fractured America is just what they need, since it has insights on how to heal our fractured, divisive society. It’s all about why the U.S. is so divided and what to do about it. Fractured America is just the antidote we need now. You can find it on Amazon, and for more information, visit”

Here’s what a lion with two cubs had to say:

“We need Fractured America now more than ever. Everyone is fighting and roaring at everyone else so much. But your book offers insights on how to heal our fractured divisive society. Fractured America is just the antidote we need now. I think it should be a roaring success.”

In short, the campaign brings a somewhat unique approach to a very serious subject, which is discussed in Fractured America — the growing divide in the U.S. based on numerous divisions — from political and racial divisions to income inequality — and what to do to resolve the crisis. In fact, this same kind of divisiveness has been fueling the growing protest movement worldwide, including in Hong Kong, Colombia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, the U.K., and many other countries because of increasing economic and social pressures.

Perhaps the Fractured America campaign with comments from animal influencers may be a little lighthearted and whimsical, but it is using this approach to call attention to a serious problem that might otherwise be overlooked. In fact, on the social media today, this short video approach has become a way to first get noticed in order to spread one’s message.

As for the book, it’s available in print, e-book, and audiobook formats on Amazon and through Instagram and Audible, and Brakke has been speaking and consulting on the subject. He has even been contacting politicians and government officials about his recommended changes to help heal the great divides in America today.


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