While I have previously pointed out that blacks commit the most violent crimes , Hispanic still commit considerably more crimes than whites. Let me explain how I have reached this conclusion through a careful analysis of crime statistics.

Hispanics Commit More Violent Crime than Whites


I first began to look at this crime data in my blog “All Lives Matter,” where I pointed out that black-on-black killings per capita far exceeded black killings by police or whites. Although data on homicides of and by Hispanics are not available, violent crime statistics are available for blacks, whites and Hispanics, so it is possible to show how the data illustrates the extent of violent crime committed by Hispanics.

As with any type of killing, violent crime victims and their offenders primarily occur within the same racial or ethnic group. Thus, white offenders are the main perpetrators of violent crimes against white victims; black offenders the main perpetrators of such crimes against black victims; and the same holds true for Hispanics.

More specifically, where the racial or ethnicity of the offenders was known, 56.6% of the violent crimes against white victims were committed by white offenders, whereas only 14.7% of these crimes involved black offenders and 11.0% involved Hispanic offenders, while the racial and ethnic identity was not known in almost 20% of the cases for a variety of reasons. After ignoring that 20%, I’ll show you how the crime rate for Hispanics is higher.

Between 2012 and 2015, the average number of whites, blacks, and Hispanic 12 or older in the U.S. was as follows:

Whites: 172,611,780
Blacks: 32,599,700
Hispanics: 41,364,400.

During the same time period, the victims of violent crime were as follows:

3,679,410 white victims annually
56.6% committed by white offenders
14.7% committed by black offenders
11.0% committed by Hispanic offenders
17.7% committed by persons of unknown race/ethnicity
850,720 black victims annually
10.9% committed by white offenders
63.2% committed by black offenders
6.6% committed by Hispanic offenders
19.3% committed by persons of unknown race/ethnicity
846,520 Hispanic victims annually
20.0% committed by white offenders
20.5% committed by black offenders
40.3% committed by Hispanic offenders
19.2% committed by persons of unknown race/ethnicity

I have a step by step approach on how I conducted in my book Dealing with Crime by Illegal Immigrants and the Opioid Crisis

Here’s the final table from the book which shows victims and offenders of violent crime by race/ethnicity, based on the average for every 1000 potential offenders of each race or ethnicity.

White victims Black victims Hispanic victims All victims
White offenders 12.1 0.5 1.0 13.6
Black offenders 16.6 16.5 5.3 38.4
Hispanic offenders 9.8 1.4 8.2 19.4
All offenders — — — —

The results couldn’t be clearer. As the table indicates, per capita, blacks commit the most violent crime (38.4), while Hispanics commit only about half as much (19.4), but still considerably more than whites (13.6). Most significantly, this level of violent crime by Hispanic offenders is much higher than that of whites, since it contradicts the popular image of the low level of violent crime by Hispanics because of having a close-knit family and strong work ethic.

Now all that may be true, but Hispanics — particularly younger Hispanic males from 18-34 — have a higher violent crime rate than whites, perhaps due to their greater involvement in the drug trade and in smuggling immigrants across the border, as described in my book.

The extent of Hispanic participation in violent crime is less well-known than that of blacks, and their relatively high rate of violent crime against mostly white and Hispanic victims is important new information for law enforcement and legislators to know how to deal with Hispanic perpetrators. This higher propensity for violence is also why there is a much higher percentage of Hispanics in prison than whites.

This information about the criminality of Hispanics also puts the lie to the liberal contention that immigrants do not contribute to crime. Rather this data analysis indicates that Hispanics do commit more violent crime than whites, especially against both whites and other Hispanics.

Moreover, it seems most likely that the Hispanics committing these violent crimes are illegal immigrants, since they commit more violent crime than Hispanics who are legal immigrants or long-established citizens. This is because a much higher percentage of illegal immigrants are in the 18-39 age group compared to the general population of Hispanic Americans, and this younger group commits far more violent crimes than other age groups.

The data analysis in the above table also shows that Hispanic offenders are even more likely to target whites than Hispanics, and that black offenders are equally prone to selecting white victims as black ones. These results present troubling news indeed for their potential white victims. Indeed, this analysis shows that whites have the highest rate of being victimized by all groups.

Much has been made of black-on-black and Hispanic-on-Hispanic crime, but these data suggest that the law-abiding white community has as much to fear from these minorities as it does from white criminals. No wonder white suburban housewives are especially fearful of falling victim to these groups.

Still, Hispanics have the most to fear from other Hispanics, since illegal immigrants exhibit higher violent crime rates than other Hispanics. As a result, law-abiding Hispanics should be encouraged to report illegals to the authorities in order to increase their own safety.

Blacks have the most to fear from members of their own group (16.5 per thousand and they should also be encouraged to cooperate more with authorities rather than blame them.