Videos for Social Media Campaign

Blacks in Prison

Overcrowded Prisons Due to Longer Sentences

Removing Restrictions on Filming Police

Finding Fault in a Citizen Police Shooting
(Video Bullet) (WK 29 – Post 1)

How Misconduct Claims Are Brought to Discredit the Police
(Video Bullet) (WK 29 – Post 2)

Unfounded Misconduct Complaints Against the Police
(Video Bullet) (WK 29 – Post 3)

Job Training for Unskilled Workers
WK30 – Post 5

What’s an Alternative to Affirmative Action?
WK30 – Post 4

The Wall
WK30 – Post 3


Videos About the Drug Crisis for Social Media Campaign

Another Idea for Dealing with the Opioid Crisis:
Judges Can Offer Reduced Sentences (WK 6 – Post 1)

Increasing Education and Awareness
about the Drug Crisis (WK 6 – Post 2)

What an Educational Campaign on the
Drug Crisis Might Include (WK 6 – Post 3)

Short Video Reels

Why Is the U.S. So Divided?

U.S. Politics Are a Mess

Why is it hard to find justice
in America?