Normally, scammers who steal Facebook groups and other social media accounts use them to get money and personal information from the members of the group or they sell the groups on the Internet black market.  Then, the buyer of the group goes after the money and personal information.

But in a crazy twist of fate, Gini Graham Scott, the author of a half-dozen books and two films on scams, ended up becoming an administrator of her stolen group on scams after a random group member was made an administrator by the scammer.  Then, the two of them kicked out the scammer, along with over 200 scammers who joined the scam site to promote recovery and refund scams.  Though Gini had originally started the site to advise others on how to avoid different kinds of scams, it soon became taken over by scammers seeking to scam the already scammed.

This weird turn of events happened several months after Gini created a new Facebook account for those interested in Scams – “Cons, Scams, and Frauds” while her original Facebook account lay dormant for 4 months. Then, it suddenly came back to life with a new administrator, probably since it was sold to a new owner on the black market for social media groups, and Gini’s pending post that she had created a new group so members of the stolen site could join suddenly was live, notifying Gini that she could now post on the site.

But oddly, the new administrator had no idea why he was chosen, since he had joined the site as a victim who lost nearly $50,000 in a crypto scam.

Maybe he was supposed to be a cover for the real scammer or whoever bought the group.  However, in an incredible twist of fate, the new admin thought Gini, who joined from her new Facebook account, was the admin. 

Then, after Gini asked how he became the admin and they communicated for a while privately, he made her another admin for her once stolen group and he deleted another admin who signed on a day after he did – but had a seemingly phony account, with a picture of a young woman, a claim to work for a U.S. government agency, and zero friends.

So now with Gini and the other admin in control of her group, the two have been eliminating all the scammers pushing recovery and refund scams – over 300 so far.  And they seem to have eliminated the original scammer or scammer who bought the group in a unique way of outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting the scammers. And it’ll be one of the stories in Gini’s seventh book about scams, tentatively entitled Beware the Latest Internet Scams. Besides this story, the book will include stories about the black market for Facebook and social media groups, the recovery and refund scams, the internet real estate scams, ways to recognize and defeat the scammer, and more.

For more information on the books and film or to set up interviews with Gini Graham Scott, with the directors/producers Jack Skyyler and Alex Zinzopoulos, here’s the contact information.

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