One of the biggest problems in America is the divisions tearing the country apart. This fracturing is a dilemma that criminal justice expert Paul Brakke has sought to resolve in various ways.

Among them are print and audiobooks for Fractured America; a social media campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter;  letters to hundreds of members of the House and Senate; and now a series of videos that highlight the major problems and what to do about them.

Ways to Heal U.S. Divisions through Print Audiobooks and Videos

These 30-60 second videos each highlight a particular division or issue that has divided America and what to do to heal that divide. Brakke now has 70 videos dealing with resolving different criminal justice issues, and the last 10 deal with different divisions and issues. The latest videos include:

“Dealing with Geographical Divides”

“A Way to Stop Illegal Immigration”

“Two Other Ways to Deal with Illegal Immigration”

“An Idea to Promote immigration”

Among some of Brakke’s suggestions are using the military’s success in creating racially desegregated teams as a model to follow, reducing illegal immigration by providing incentives for migrants to stay in Mexico, or creating a pathway to legal, non-voting status for current illegal immigrants. Another video series features the claims and concerns of white Americans and illustrate how they feel disrespected and mistreated by the left and media, since they are losing power and status in America today.

Why use video to express these issues? “Because,” says Brakke, “even though I have written a series of extensively researched books, many people now want their information in small bites.

Also, more and more people look to videos to provide them with news and opinion. It’s a little like giving people short video tweets.”

All of the videos are based on social media posts that Brakke has been sending out regularly for the past 10 months on Twitter and other platforms to build a following for his message, as he works on bringing his ideas to Congress. “Our government leaders really need some fresh thinking and a way to breach the partisan divide to work together. Otherwise the political divisions will further contribute to the growing divisions we see today. So we need strategies to overcome all kinds of divisions and differences.”

Brakke should know, since he has engaged in extensive research resulting in three books on overcoming the great divides in Ameria. These include chapters in Crime in America, his forthcoming book, Uncertain Justice, and in his just released Fractured America. This book provides a historical overview discussing how these divisions developed. Then, it offers a detailed discussion of the major types of fractures — racial, ethnic, gender, economic class, rural-urban, North-South, and Coast-Middle America. “It’s a real gumbo rather than a melting pot,” Brakke points out. “And we’ve got to turn down the heat before the whole mix burns up.”

In making these observations about resolving these many divides, Brakke has become especially interested in American culture, as part of his research on the divisions in American society and criminal justice in America. He first reported on these divisions in a chapter in Crime in America and in Fractured America. Now he is planning a continued analysis of this problem and what to do about it.

In writing his books and working as a consultant, Brakke brings to the table a unique conservative approach to crime, criminal justice, and American society. That’s because liberals usually discuss ways to reform the system through more of a social welfare approach. But Brakke’s approach is more based on an economic business model of doing what works most efficiently to both cut down costs and create more productive citizens.

Brakke’s 70 videos, which feature highlights from Crime in America, Fractured America, and Uncertain Justice, are available on the American Leadership Books YouTube channel

To learn more, you can get a copy of Fractured America which deals with these divisions in more depth. The book is available through Amazon, Kindle, and major bookstores.

Also, free copies are available for government officials who are seeking ways to reduce crime and fix the criminal justice system and for members of the media at

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