Today, more and more workers are struggling with low wages despite a growing economy, and many have joined hostile camps due to the divisions in America.  That’s why author Paul Brakke has included videos of workers in his campaign for Fractured America, which discusses how the U.S. became so divided and what we can do now to heal those divisions.



As an example of these comments, here’s one featuring a group of workers with these comments: “We need to consider how to reconstruct American society to heal the divisions that are tearing us apart. That’s why your book Fractured America offers great insights on how to repair our fractured divisive society. Then, we can rebuild on a firm foundation.”

Here’s one that features a man and woman discussing a building:

“We need to think about building a new America to heal the divisions that are shaking our foundations. That’s why your book Fractured America offers great insights on how to repair our fractured society and rebuild for a new beginning. Then we can construct a better America.”

In short, the campaign brings a novel approach to call attention to new ways to deal with the very difficult task of overcoming social, economic and cultural divisions, which are discussed in Fractured America and what to do to resolve the crisis. It is a divisiveness that needs to be addressed quickly, or protests can escalate into violence as has occurred in the growing protest movements worldwide, including in Hong Kong, Columbia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, the U.K., and many other countries because of increasing economic and social pressures.

Perhaps the Fractured America campaign with comments from workers may be an unusual way to approach the problem, compared to the videos of news programs and in-depth commentary. But Paul Brakke is using this approach to call attention to a serious problem that might otherwise be overlooked. In fact, this short video approach has become a way to first get noticed on the social media today in order to spread one’s message.

As for the book, it’s available in print, e-book, and audiobook formats on Amazon and through Instagram and Audible, and Brakke has been speaking and consulting on the subject. He has even been contacting politicians and government officials about his recommended changes to help heal the great divides in America today.

Here is another example of the videos:


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