Criminal Justice Expert Recommends Citizen Police Academies & Community Policing in Light of Recent Protests & Increased Property Crime

Citizen-police relations have become tenser than ever. Every news cycle brings more examples of deteriorating relationships. For example, in the inner cities, protests are growing in response to police killings of civilians, even if an officer is cleared due to acting in self-defense. At the same time, property crimes are increasing and going unsolved in middle and upper income areas in the cities and suburbs.

A Warning about the Dangers of Comedians Today

Today, the late night comedians have become more popular than ever. For example, according to the TV by the Numbers report for January 19, 019, Stephen Colbert has 41% of the TV-viewing audience in its time slot, the Late Night with Seth Myers has a 27% viewership, and the Daily Show with Trevor Noah has 23% of the viewers. That turns into about 4 million viewers for Colbert, about 2 ½ million viewers for Myers and 2 million for Noah.

Why Many Arrested Can’t Afford Bail

Why Many Arrested Can’t Afford Bail is another video based on a chapter in Crime in America. The latest book from American Leadership Books, which specializes in books on the U.S. criminal justice system, the U.S. prison system, U.S. corrections system, and the U.S. courts, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. The book is written from a conservative perspective for those with conservative politics and suggests ways of fixing and reforming the system.