Immigration Reform

The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant?

The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant?

Liberals are trying to do virtually anything to show that immigrants do not increase crime, and that cities are really safer when immigrants move there. They even trotted out a new study from the Marshall Project, to prove this contention. The study was featured on an...

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The Opioid Crisis

My Own Suggestions For Dealing With the Opioid Crisis

Some recommendations of how to overcome the current problems with opioids and other drugs. Some of these suggestions include creating a drug sales court, setting up separate wings in the prisons for drug traffickers, and publicizing the names of individuals sentenced under drug laws.

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The Citizen-Police Divide

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I Was Scammed Series Released

If you, like the rest of America, watched The Tinder Swindler, then you have probably come to the same terrifying reaction: is this how easy it is to be scammed? Gini Graham Scott, America’s scam expert, was watching too, but she wasn’t surprised because she knows all about common scams just like Simon Leviev’s.

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An Overview of Crime in America

Introducing Crime in America, a new book by American Leadership Books which specializes in books on the U.S. criminal justice system, the U.S. prison system, U.S. corrections system, and the U.S. courts, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.  The book is written from a conservative perspective and suggests ways of fixing and reforming the system.

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Author Paul Brakke

Author Paul Brakke is a scientist based in Central Arkansas.  He became interested in studying the criminal justice system when his life was turned upside down after his wife was falsely accused of aggravated assault

Paul Brakke

American Leadership Books
Little Rock, Arkansas

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